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— Online Terminological Queries

IATE • Inter-Active Terminology for Europe, the heir of Eurodicautom (now defunct). Quite interesting and essential depending on the topic. Several languages.

ITU/Termite • Terminological database (TERMITE, TERMInology of TElecommunications) from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), now requiring a password. Several languages.

Acronym Finder • Priceless for figuring out acronyms. English monolingual.

EUR-Lex • European Union law portal. Several languages.


— Dictionaries

DRAE: Diccionario de la Real Academia EspañolaIt is advisable to install the button in your navigation bar (detailed instructions). (Spanish monolingual)

Diccionario CLAVE (Spanish monolingual)

Diccionario de sinónimos from the Universidad de Oviedo (Spanish monolingual)

Diccionario de antónimos from the Universidad de Oviedo (Spanish monolingual)

Cambridge Dictionaries OnLine (English monolingual)

Merriam-Webster OnLine (English monolingual)

American Heritage OnLine (English monolingual)


— Reference Works (grammars, etc.)

Ortografía de la Real Academia Española (PDF download). (Spanish monolingual)

Conjugador de verbos from the Universidad de Oviedo (Spanish monolingual)

Vademécum de Español Urgente from the Departamento de Español Urgente de la Agencia EFE (Spanish monolingual)


— Online Purchase of Books and Audiovisual Material

Amazon Excellent for books in English. It is worth to check the section of books in Spanish, since they are quite affordable. (BEWARE!: Although DVDs are very reasonably priced, they are only suitable for reproduction in Region 1. Europe belongs to Region 2.)

Play.com Excellent for DVDs in English (Region 2, the one we use in Spain). It is worth to check other sections because their products are quite affordable.

FNAC • Books and audiovisual material in Spanish.

Casa del libro • Books in Spanish.

Iberlibro • Portal of second-hand bookstores. Reasonable prices and good quality.


— Translators' Virtual Communities

In general, these are the most popular virtual communities. You can create a personal profile and they usually have fora, job offers, terminological queries, payment practices boards or queries, etc. Almost all of them charge a fee to access certain services. In alphabetical order, they are:

Aquarius, Foreignword, Go Translators, TranslatorsCafé.com, and ProZ.


— Payment Practices Lists

These are the most popular and general payment practices lists, although I know of several lists that are linked to specific working language pairs. It is almost unthinkable to accept any project from a client without the pertinent query in order to avoid problems at the time of getting paid. It is advisable to subscribe to several lists and publish your queries in all of them; that is the best way to receive any information. Some of these lists are free of charge and some others charge a fee. In alphabetical order, they are:

PP (Payment Practices) (free of charge), TCR (Translator Client Review List) (admission fee), Transpayment (free of charge, you must register at smartgroups first), and WPPF (free of charge). There is also the possibility of payment practices queries in the virtual communities mentioned above.


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