Pilar T. Bayle




Freelance Translator

I have been translating professionally since 1992. I work exclusively into Spanish, my mother tongue, and I specialize in technical texts: localization (hardware, software, websites, and videogames), electricity, IT, natural gas, automotive, and e-commerce/marketing.

In this web page, you can read about my experience as translator, access my contact information, read a description of the professional services I offer, get information about web resources, and also get acquainted with a service I have developed for small companies, ONLINE, where you can order a short translation and have it done immediately.

On January 1, 2004, I became a partner of Building The Net, S.L., a company specialized in journalism, web design, and DTP. All such services are now available to my clients by writing to btnsl  @ buildingthe.net (REMOVE EXTRA SPACES, PLEASE).


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